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"The Beginning of A Legend"

Several years ago a young dairy farmer in Northern WI. realized that without the use of his truck he was literally out of commission in managing his day to day operations. Quite frankly, his truck was his Toolbox! Welders, Wrenchs, Fuel Tank, and other spare parts were all on board. Utilizing his existing Boss™️ Plow Mount, he went to work developing what has now evolved into the Legend Brush Guard. Realizing that he had developed something so unique, he patented the design and wants to share it with people that have his same passion for the ultimate Brush Guard in vehicle protection. The Legend Brush Guard is more than just a produc: it's as symbol of resilience, creativity, and the drive to make work easier and more efficient for hardworking individuals everywhere. It's truly inspiring to see such passion and innovation at work!

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